A call for help

We want to encourage all people and companies who have the possibility to make a change for those who have less than nothing. Children suffer more as they do not know why things happen around them and they are definitely not the cause.  The consequence is a lost childhood with no play and happiness as it should.

They will grow up and step in to an adult world with scars not only on the outside but maybe worse on the inside. Scars and memories that no living should bear alone.

Also this year we sponsor the organization Save The Children as they struggle to help and protect children around the world in around 120 countries.
This organization are also the protector and watcher of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Adopted the UN General Assembly 20 November 1989.

Find your local organization in your country and make a donation. Don’t wait.

Together our help can make a change!

With this call for help we at Ides Group wish you and your love once a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.