Ides AB launches the next release of MasterConcept, version 20.0.

This takes place at the Ides Community Conferens at Hooks in Sweden 13-14 of may.

Ides increases its presence to customers in northern Sweden and therefore opens office in Skellefteå from 1 August 2019.

 Ides chooses Skellefteå as the next place of establishment since it is strategically located between the northern and southern parts of the Swedish region, Norrland. Many of Ides customers in the northern region are located between the cities Sundsvall and Kiruna, with a high concentration around the county Västerbotten, which makes Skellefteå a perfect location for business development.

Ides expansion of another office in Sweden is in line with the strategy of delivering MasterConcept for design, maintenance and building construction throughout Sweden.

  -”We have had many good years with steady development of our business both economically and broadening our product. We have had a strong focus on product development within the business areas we deliver solutions to. The strategy is to deliver our product throughout Sweden. ”
Says Lars Geidne, CEO and founder of Ides AB

From the start, the Skellefteå office will serve as a sales office with the goal to expand the workforce to an office with application consultants and education. Ides development of MasterConcept requires a higher delivery capacity and expertise in more business areas and industries.

-” By establishing Ides in the northern region of Sweden, we will be able to work more closely with both existing and new customers in the north. Our goal is to offer a complete solution for companies in the building, electricity, process and manufacturing industries, as well as for plant owners and consulting companies. Our software platform will assist our customers in their ongoing digitalization process. It will be an exciting journey to expand Ides business to the Swedish region Norrland and to our customers there. ”
Says Alexander Tannerdal, Sales Account Manager at Ides in the new northern region.

Address to new office: Kanalgatan 77, 931 34, Skellefteå, SWEDEN.











Ides MasterConcept has been commissioned to handle all types of plant information


Ides MasterConcept has been commissioned to handle all types of plant information within Skellefteå Kraft. With regulations for structuring the plant information, the information flow can be secured in a simply and cost-effectively way by controlling, standardizing, maintaining and implementing plant changes.

MasterConcept –Master of plant data and documents

MasterConcept will handle Skellefteå Kraft’s production facilities for wind power, hydropower and heat- and bioenergy. The plant information is today available in different systems and it is important for the client that the information can be structured and managed in a future-safe way. In order to easily secure Skellefteå Kraft’s information flow from projects to management, all plant information will now be collected in a common IT support – a Master.

  • MasterConcept will handle routines, instructions and technical documents to make maintenance work safer and with higher precision. As Skellefteå Kraft now complies all documentation and information in a central system, future integrations and costs are simplified due to a higher information quality, says Lars Geidne CEO at Ides AB.

Support for users

Technical requirements for information security and functions has been an important part in the procurement of a new IT support. The client has also put a lot of focus on user- friendliness and wants a modern, intuitive and easy using system. The user experience is important because everyone needs to be able to enjoy working in a common system.

Standardize according to IEC/ISO 81346

MasterConcept supports both new and old standards regarding the designation of different components and documents of the plant. Skellefteå Kraft will not only comply with standards such as SS EN 81346/IEC-ISO 81346 for new plants but also being able to connect information to older designation in existing facilities.

Ides AB, the international engineering application developer and Sigma IT Consulting signs a strategic partner agreement to jointly offer technology and professional services for the Swedish Asset Industry.

Sigma IT Consulting has been appointed a MasterConcept Implementation Partner, and will offer technology and services based on MasterConcept. With more than 20 years of experience, implementing from the Asset Management Systems, Sigma IT Consulting can now offer an overall system solution, implementing a technical document management system combined with asset data management and integrated with asset management business processes.

“With an experienced partner such as Sigma, our customers will have the best professional guidance and services in the implementation phase of our technology, as well as a reliable guide in the complex IT infrastructure” says Lars Geidne CEO Ides AB.

The MasterConcept platform is based on the basic elements within the Asset and BIM modelling such as Objects, Individuals and Articles. The platform manages technical aspects such as pictures, 3D models, maintenance and engineering data within its lifecycle.

“With MasterConcept we move asset management processes to an earlier stage in plant projects, instead of after project closing as is traditional in today’s processes. By collecting and structuring engineering master data during the project, our customers will have a platform of technical data, which is essential in the lifecycle perspective.“ says Peter Lorenz, Manager Asset by Sigma.

About Asset by Sigma

Asset by Sigma is the leading supplier in the Nordics of IT-solutions for industrial maintenance and Asset Management. We provide services within asset maintenance, mobility, predictive maintenance and lifecycle management.

Asset by Sigma is a part of Sigma Group, a leading consulting group with an objective to make our customers more competitive. Our means are technological know-how and a constant passion for finding better solutions. We are 3,400 employees in eleven countries. Sigma is owned by Danir AB, held by the Dan Olofsson family.

About Ides AB and MasterConcept

Ides AB, Swedish software developer of engineering applications, engineering data and document software including a PLM/BLM platform with EAM and Facility Management.

We supply our software and solutions to customers across discrete manufacturing, energy & process, architecture, construction and nuclear power, using Ides software to design, structuring technical data, for content management of projects execution and operational information with maintenance and facility management aspects.

Ides software, MasterConcept, a PLM platform named Engineering Data Hub to support creating and organizing engineering plant data and BIM or product related information during the project phases in design, project execution, construction, maintenance and operational analysis. Customers within Infrastructures facilities, Engineering and Design, Construction, Hospitals, Railroad, Metro, Power Grid, Wind power, Hydropower, Nuclear Power, CHP (Combined Heat and Power), Marine and Process industries work daily in ides Software.

For more information, please contact:

Lars Geidne
President and CEO
Ides AB
tel: +46 (0)736 656466

Peter Lorenz
Manager Asset by Sigma
Sigma IT Consulting
tel: +46 (0)703 09 34 07


Ides AB announce that the distribution of the latest release of MasterConcept 17 has started, now including EAM and BIM as an integrated part of the design and engineering platform. By adding Preventive Maintenance plans already in the design phase, the utilization of plants and facilities will greatly be increased.

Maintenance goes 3D

By opening up Asset Management access in a 3D Model, maintenance departments can use both maintenance app devices or 3D models as the entrance to manage asset data during maintenance operation. Using IFC models or applications such as AutoCAD and Revit, maintenance and design department can follow Fault reports and ongoing Work orders.

– MasterConcept Ultimate 17 will simplify the interaction between design, operation and maintenance during the entire lifecycle, says Lars Geidne, CEO Ides AB

BIM 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D

Fully integrated with CAD platforms such as AutoCAD and Revit, Ides offer BIM customers a platform for information structuring and document management. MasterConcept connects with 3D model instances to offer the user volume and price calculations parallel with their design.

AssetMaster app – online and offline

AssetMaster offer access to/creating Work order, fault reporting and improvement suggestion The app supports offline mode to support maintenance staff who occasionally gets disconnected from the network.


HOFOR, Greater Copenhagen Utility, has chosen Ides MasterConcept as the technical design solution after a public procurement process under the Danish Public Procurement Act. HOFOR has chosen the Swedish software developer product as their Engineering Data HUB to structure plant technical data and information based on standard software from Ides AB.

HOFOR implement MasterConcept platform within the business areas of Electricity, Drink water, Waste water, District heating, City Gas, District cooling and building Wind Power to more than 1 million customers in Greater Copenhagen region.

Engineering Master Data become Asset Master Data in the same system

Ides MasterConcept will be the Engineering Data HUB at HOFOR for new construction projects, to collect and control the huge amount of new Operation & Maintenance data to be transferred in to the Enterprise Asset Management System MS Dynamics AX2012.

Examples of EAM data managed in MasterConcept:

• Control and management of new EAM data (for “Greenfield” projects)
• Component Data, essential design and operating parameters
• Data input to maintenance plans
• Data for spare parts and BOMs
• Reference (link) from components to relevant parts
• Reference (link) from components, individuals to engineering documents such as CAD and technical spreadsheets.

In order for projects to exchange and collect above EAM data from many different suppliers MasterConcept control all new project data flow combined with internal changes of exiting equipment’s or Brownfield Projects. MasterConcept Engineering HUB handles:

• Exchange of existing EAM data (for “Brownfield” projects)
• Exchange between suppliers of custom EAM data for new plant components
• Ensuring data quality (syntax check, standard components, Workflow, etc.)
• Change Management with Highlight of additions and changes compared to previous data deliveries showing Change history (who has changed what and when)
• Progress measurement of data delivery in relation to specified data
• Import / export of data to the EAM system

MasterConcept is a Central Data and database platform based on object-oriented engineering with graphic functions support design / engineering (Process design, Electrical design, logic diagrams, etc.).



HOFOR is the largest utility company in Denmark in the core business areas: water supply, wastewater management, district heating, district cooling and gas supply. They also build wind turbines.

One million Danes (20 % of the total Danish population) depend on their supplies.

The company is owned by 8 municipalities, and the City of Copenhagen owns 73 per cent of the company. The supplies are regulated by law, which e.g. means that the profit and expenses must balance over time.

Ides and SITRC, a Chinese General Contractor, has jointly built a proof of concept to illustrate a BIM lifecycle of complex projects covering the project phases during design, construction and operation maintenance. The joint POC project is made in the ongoing spectacular project of Disney Tourist and Resort Park in Shanghai. The biggest Disney Park in world. The POC has been built from June 2015 until November to show owners and the project members how Ides MasterConcept support the entire life cycle of any BIM project in China during construction and design to facility management in the next step.

A spectacular project in Shanghai

SITRC is the General Contractor of the Disney Tourist and Resort Park in Shanghai, China. The project is ongoing and when finished during 2016 it will become the biggest in the world and estimated to attract around 17 million people annually.

Innovative development of Chinese AEC industry

SITRC and Ides joint forces the summer 2015 to use MasterConcept as the Master platform for the POC.

MasterConcept is the central system of BIM equipment and objects as well as MEP documentation and BIM 3D models. MasterConcept open up project content within advanced documentation such as CAD and 3D models for more users and stakeholders. Project Management, Project Procurement and Project Controller are now working on the same platform viewing the same information as the detailed engineers are working in.

– The combination of document and object management in one central system is the unique functionality in MasterConcept that offers the Chinese BIM industry great advantages. With MasterConcept, advanced CAD documents and 3D models are open and transparent for other team members and departments than just the CAD engineers, says Mr Yu, vGM SITRC

SITRC will hand over the facility and its related documentation and technical data to the operator of the Park.

POC for future operations

MasterConcept is integrated with Autodesk Revit 3D, platform and AutoCAD applications, to support Architecture and MEP workgroups with object synchronization of elements and documents to MasterConcept with object and documents workflows. Objects and equipment are stored in MasterConcept according to the new ISO standard for BIM industries.

About SITRC, Shanghai Shendi Construction Co., Ltd

SITRC, Shanghai Shendi Construction Co., Ltd is owned by Shanghai Shendi (Group) Co., Ltd. who is a 100% state-owned company.


Söderenergi chooses Ides MasterConcept for management of plant documentation as a part of their IT platform for the future.

Söderenergi today handles enormous amount of document such as drawings, circuit diagrams and descriptions etc. Major consumers of this documentation are those who are working with maintenance and operation.

All documentation of the plant is today gathered on the network within a file structure which aims to reflect the plant structure. All version management of document nowadays is completely manual. Plant document search takes time because of some unstructured save and lack of metadata.

Getting orderliness through digitization and structuring is a process that has been ongoing during a period and it’s now bringing new momentum related to introduction of a plant registry and documentation system.

Ambition and benefits related to introduction of Ides solutions are following:

  • Reduced time for information search
  • Reduced administration of plant information
  • Reduced cost for information management
  • Less fault due to manual work
  • Reduced a lot of eliminated duplication work
  • Improved traceability/search ability
  • Improved accessibility of plant documentation where it’s required
  • Increased satisfaction among relevant employees
  • Reduced personnel reliance
  • Increased accessibility
  • Simplified management
  • Fewer errors (document versions)


Söderenergi — fourth biggest heating producer in Sweden

Söderenergi produces almost 2 500 GWh heating in Igelsta heating plant, Igelsta power plants and Fittja plant.

Electricity is also produced at Igelsta power plant. Additionally there are two spare plants, Huddinge machine central and Geneta boiler central.

Most of the heat is sold and distributed by our clients, Telge Nets i Södertälje and Nykvarn as well as Södertörns Heating in Huddinge, Botkyrka and Salem.

There is also production cooperation with Fortum Heat. Söderenergi produces heating for circa 300 000 people, offices and industries in southern big Stockholm.

Amount of electricity production is approximately 550 GWh per year and corresponding consumption of household 100 000 residences.

Söderenergi is certified regarding management system for environment, health and care according to international standards ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.

Söderenergi is owned by Telge AB (42%) i Södertälje municipality and Södertörns Energi AB (58%), which is owned by Huddinge and Botkyrka municipality.

During this year, 2015, we all have come closer to the broadcasted pictures of refugees displaced by war and strife from the darkest part of humanity. In the footstep of this chaos thousands of people end up in family tragedies.

We think that many with us have the same helpless feeling not being there to help those people and specially the children who lost their family security. By financially helping SOS Children’s Villages’ we hope that we can help those who are in most need of help, the children, to have a safe place to grow up, thoughtfulness in their childhood, a lot of love and not less what children need most, to play like children do.

By this we would like to push others to support help international and domestic organizations so that they can continue being our hero’s.

Beijing Jianyi Investment Development CO. LTD (BJJY) takes an innovative step with MasterConcept

Beijing Jianyi Investment Group, one of China leading entrepreneurs within construction and plant supply, continue their development of BIM concept by choosing MasterConcept as their primary project platform of Project Data Management.

President and owner of Beijing Jianyi Investment Group, President Zhang says, “as one main player in the Chinese construction area we have to develop our business. To use technology in an optimized way and keep on being innovative, we strengthen our position and most important we add value to our customers. With the Swedish technology in combination with BJJY long experience we will, together with Ides, develop the Chinese BIM industry”.

The data centric platform in MasterConcept will hold all aspects of the project to make plant data transparent for all stakeholders in the project. Purchase department, Quality Control and Engineering together with Project Management will have full over view of all aspects even if there are advanced system such as Plant 3D or 3D Building applications involved.

Lars Geidne CEO and founder of Ides AB “Partners like Beijing Jianyi Investment Group become a part of our development organization and add value in the long run where engineering cultures in China influences our development of our products. With Beijing Jianyi Investment Group we will also develop the Chinese market based on our technology as well as long experience from Beijing Jianyi Investment Group”.

MasterConcept connects and integrates any aspect application directly to its data platform with its CAD-Driver concept. With a unique Plant structure concept of Objects in combination of technical documentation, MasterConcept handles the different aspects from BIM to Electrical and Instrumentation. MasterConcept has more than 25 years built in experience in one data centric engineering design platform to support the whole chain from Design to Construction and then the handover of Digital Plant data for Plant Operations.

Ides as a supplier to companies in Power Generation, Infrastructure projects, Nuclear Power, Power Grid, Equipment Manufacturing has with its innovative PDM/PLM platform a leading role in Plant Data Management.