Ides Master concept for BIM – from the beginning of the project all the way to operation


Country council and medical care

Projects within Country council and Medical care have characteristics of high complexity and many stakeholders have requirements such as distinct time and budget control of the project. With Ides Master concept the project and the operator will have a well-structured IT-platform designed to take care of all technical documentation and offer effectivitet for everyone.

Infrastructure projects

Infrastructure projects

Ides offer solutions for both the project management and sub suppliers for all BIM-projects covering all types of infrastructure projects such as Airport, Railroad, Metro, Road and Bridges.


Commercial and public buildings

This is an area that have high demands on safety and technical solutions to solve both logistics problems and changes in project. The operator owner has not just requirements on the as-built documentation but also being able to feed the maintenance organisation with relevant data. With Ides Master concept for BIM management, you will not just have an IT-platform during the hand-over phase but also during the entire lifecycle of the building.


Architects and engineers

From the very beginning of the planning and design of a building project there should be a control over two major areas such as Documents and Volumes of functional Equipments and Structures. Documents, drawings, 3D models has the be handled with care by 100% control of versions and revisions. The document revisions you produce represent your company’s skills and profession and they will end up in many stakeholders hands. Ides Master concept has full support for 3D models and traditional CAD software used by stakeholders such as Architects, Engineering companies within Electrical, Heating, Plumbing, Ventilation and Water.

Our software platform for BIM is designed to streamline your design business processes and to create a standard of exchange formats based on documents and object properties for the BIM industry.

EPC Projects

EPC Projects

Visual documents for all stakeholders within an EPC Project is vital to keep the project budget and milestones. Ides Engineering Data HUB opens up information for all users no matter if they are running an advanced 3D-system or working with contracts and procurement issues. Well connected with the ERP system made all planning of resources for the project easily. It gives you a complete overview of status.

Maintenance and service

Maintenance and services

Maintenance and service is depending on updated documentation that can be found in one place. It requires the maintenance organisation working in the facility that they can easily find information about which equipment and where it exists. Besides it is important to find out if it is needed to have spare parts and its quantity. Technical data is a requirement to conduct professional and safety maintenance.

Full transparency for all stakeholders in BIM and AEC projects

  • Huge improvements in coordination between stakeholders

  • Decreased cost during Lifecycle related to maintenance and operation

  • Business benefits for everyone in all stages

One central IT-platform for all stakeholders in a BIM Project

Building Information Modelling (BIM) has become a concept for all those are active in the building industry and the use of BIM as a requirement in procurement are more common for every day. Special business areas where the impact of BIM has come fast are infrastructure, hospitals, healthcare and commercial buildings. Many projects have clear requirements on project participants in which they can conform to working procedures and standards defined in BIM.

Benefits that all want to achieve are primary:

  • decreased cost
  • increased productivity

One of the key-areas of BIM is to improve the coordination between stakeholders and information sharing during the whole project. The target is not just to be more efficient during the construction phase of the project but more requirements has come to look at the whole lifecycle. Information and data from the project has to support the owner during the operation and maintenance where the goal is to minimize the total cost during its lifecycle. This new requirement creates new demands on both the project owner and sub suppliers during the project.

Design and civil engineering still have to deal with traditional processes around electrical-, mechanical- , building -design. Building information structures has to be defined parallel with the huge amount of documentation and drawings that are created. Specifications of specific components has to be prepared for procurement. Requirement such as information sharing and feedback to all stakeholders and main contractor/BIM-model has to be handled by different disciplines during each sub project.

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Master Concept Engineering BIM Data HUB

In the past 20 years we have developed a platform to our customers to streamline the design phase of projects. By creating a BIM collaborative platform where it integrates CAD and 3D-CAD with Master concept central database, our database has become an “Engineering BIM Data HUB”, the central storage place for all stakeholders and participants in the project.

Ides Master concept offer a total solution for the design phase to gain

  • maximal efficiency during the design phase with great support for technical document management.
  • a standardized interface for sharing and exchange of data and documents.
  • a relation to BIM-Objects.

Our platform become the gearbox between different applications who manipulate and connects to each BIM-Object. Data is extracted from the 3D-model from each 3D-entity without any interference with the application graphical data model.

The huge amount of equipment and material that has to be procured, technical data that has to be used to be specified during procurement and equipment requirement are now accessible to all in the entire project. It is a platform for project management, department managers, departments for planning, maintenance, construction-planning and procurement.

Ides Master concept Engineering BIM Data HUB works as “glue” between ERP and BIM and it offers possibilities for project control in combination with project financial control.

  • Maximized efficiency

  • Standardized interface of exchange

  • Maintaining relation to BIM-objects



By developing BIM into operation and maintenance, HSarchitects take a strategic step to support their customers not only in planning and design but also all the way to operation.

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LUL Landstingsservice i Uppsala

To secure technical documentation including BIM models for the future, all documentation will be stored in Ides Master concept. DocMaster will cover all hospital facilities owned and operated by Uppsala County Council.

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