Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

MasterConcept as an integrated part of the asset lifecycle and maintenance management

  • Increased reliability of the plant

  • Over all equipment effectivness(OEE)

  • Maximum use of maintenance resources

  • Reduce costs for maintenance and service

  • Manage a large amounts of documentation

  • Optimize the supply and purchase

EAM as part of the project and design

Enterprise Asset Management or EAM is for many a business critical process where safety, availability and cost are the focus for maximum profitability.

In many projects maintenance planning and preparation begins as the plant becomes operational. Our experience shows that there are huge profits to include the maintenance aspect in design, construction and commissioning. The asset maintainability should be considered in the project’s early phases and maintenance should be specified in an early stage before the plant is commissioned. The goal is as quickly as possible to achieve the planned performance and fault-free operation. All aspects of plant information shall be made available for maintenance and the operation in relation with the start of operation.

Equipemnt data and descriptions with documentation is the basis for effective maintenance.

During a project, many documents is created describing the entire plant all systems with object functions, technical components, equipment dependences and relations, specified in asset structures in Ides MasterConcept. The information is the basis for an effective maintenance and should in the early stages be made available for the maintenance and operation through the EAM area in MasterConcept where all PM and Workorder is mangeed. With Ides MasterConcept information and EAM sharing is handled during all phases of a project. MasterConcept can also transfer asset data and documentation to the asset owner’s operation and maintenance systems.

Our experience shows that there are huge profits to include the maintenance aspect during construction and commissioning

Specification of preventive maintenance in the project’s early stages

The value of considering a plant maintainability during construction are enormously from a lifecycle profit perspective. By creating work processes with the support of MasterConcept Maintenance, the maintenance specifications can be defined in good time before the start of operation. Reliability analyses and RCM definitions can be conducted and result in a complete maintenance specification for each plant object.

Preventive maintenance -specifications in Ides MasterConcept Maintenance is defined in a format corresponding the maintenance structures of traditional EAM-applications. At an early stage “convert” suppliers maintenance documentation into structured maintenance plans create the right conditions for data exchange between plant project and the plant owner.

Unfortunately it is all too common with a plant design that does not consider maintainability of the plant, which will eventually cause unnecessarily long interruptions for maintenance work and consequently lost revenues.

Enterprise Asset Management
  • Eliminates costs

  • Support for preventive maintenance and workorder during commisioning

  • Increased personal safety

  • Plant life cycle history and warranty followup

Transfer of information from the project to maintenance

Working with MasterConcept during all project phases means that the plant information and documentation can electronically be transferred to your maintenance and ERP system.

If the plant owner already have an existing maintenance system, all preventive maintenance specifications and work order history  can be transferred . The result is a fast up and running preventive maintenance with the start of operation. This will affect performance and profitability of the new plant.

Ides MasterConcept Maintenance as a part of EAM

With Ides MasterConcept you already have the basic functions for efficient maintenance such as facility, parts, serials and all documentation. You can to this add Ides MasterConcept Maintenance and receive a fully integrated solution for your maintenance organization with the modules

  • Plant/facility
  • Documentation
  • Preventive maintenance plan
  • Work orders
  • History and follow-up

Ides MasterConcept gives you support for the plant’s entire Life cycle where design, maintenance and operation work together to achieve maximum capacity utilization. With complete interfaces to business and maintenance systems, you also have full freedom to choose the level of ambition and choice of solution that fits you.

With premade interfaces towards EAM solutions you can choose to integrate or add MasterConcept Maintenance